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Cold Water Therapy

After reading the book, Chill: The Cold Water Swim Cure I was pretty convinced of the efficacy of cold water therapy. Read more...

Word Vectors and AI Prophets: The Church of GPT

This post contains content that could be viewed as sacrilegious. To be clear, I am not criticizing any particular beliefs or denomination. Read more...

Should I Learn Rust?

Intro You’ve probably seen someone online or around you evangelizing Rust. To my observation, these voices are seeming to get louder and more prominent. Read more...

DIY Watercooled Flashlight

i’ve always been scared of the dark No matter who you are, you were probably scared of the dark at some point in your life. Read more...

bunny is endoflife

our zoo It’s been a year now since my wife and I moved into our current neighborhood. Our initial impressions of the neighborhood was that it was a bit messy with trash and lacking greenery, but we thought it would be an adequate first place. Read more...

Game Dev for the World's Smallest Console

my introduction to the thumby A few weeks ago, my friends and I were at a concert waiting for the main act to go on when a buddy whipped out a Thumby on his keychain. Read more...

Publish an Expo React Native App to the App Store

The process of getting your app on the Apple app store.

new Keyboard(40%, ortholinear)

the making of a 40% ortholinear keyboard

chown me internet

why we should own the internet, and how?


configuring my homelab
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